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Happy Friday the 13th! On January 29, a group of WordPress Meetup enthusiasts had a Meetup about the Vancouver WordPress Meetup: A Meta Meetup if you will. The Meta Meetup was called to talk about the future of the WPYVR Meetup and where we’d all like to see it go.

Meeting Summary

  • We agreed that some more organizers could help keep things a little bit more cohesive. A few more people volunteered to help out! (See below.)
  • We’d like to see a little bit of overlap between the three Meetup streams, so we may have a few talk series in the coming year, working their way through the three streams.
  • We also agreed that we’d like to see more people give talks who haven’t spoken yet. If that’s you, please get in touch!
  • There was also some discussion on the setup of WordPress Meetups, but that could be another post for another day.


As I mentioned above, the WordPress Meetup has added a few new organizers to the roster, to help out the people who have been doing this for a little longer.

User Group

Andrina Fawcett, Luiza Libardi and Sarah McLennan

General Group

Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Vanessa Chu

Developer Group

Flynn O’Connor and Kate Moore Hermes

This Blog

Christine Rondeau

Upcoming Events

During the Meta Meetup, we also talked a lot about our upcoming events. We’ll be running the Women Talking WordPress workshop again this spring, which was a workshop for women who are interested in speaking at Meetups but weren’t for whatever reason. We are also planning on a workshop for anyone who is interested in speaking at WordPress Meetups.

The developer group has posted the newest Meetup: Grunt and WordPress.

Of course, WordCamp Vancouver will be coming up later this year.

Get Involved

If you have a topic that you’d like to cover in an upcoming WordPress Meetup, please get in touch with any of the organizers. If you’re not sure which group your talk will fit into, we can help you with that!

Have a topic or burning question that you’d like answered? Send us that too. We’ll do our best to find a speaker for that topic.


About Kate Moore Hermes

Kate Moore Hermes is a graphic designer and WordPress developer. She runs a business in Vancouver helping small business and entreprenurs find their brand and space on the web. She's an occasional instructor and assistant instructor at BCIT in Vancouver.


  1. Meetups can be arranged via Meta, the mailing lists, or meetup pages on the individual projects. If you have attended a meetup, you can add a little report here (and link to a longer one, if you’re in the mood of writing much).

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